Part of planning for your wedding is where to have the venue for your reception. Choosing for the best place to have your wedding is very hard and sometimes it can make your budget very tight because of the prices. We are going to figure those places with so cheap amount and reasonable as well to have your wedding and party at the same time there.

  1. If you are really into a tight budget for this important event of your life. Then having it in a courthouse would be a good option to choose. It is not important how big the party is but the most important thing there is that you will be married to the love of your life. This kind of ceremony would not cost so much and for most of the cities in some countries, it is just for free.
  2. Since, you can’t have the reception there in the civil service office, then choosing your home or house to serve as a function as to celebrate the couples wedding. It would save you a lot of money from your budget. You may ask help from your relatives or family members and even to your friends to give a hand to you in cleaning and preparing the house. Someone from your family members could be the one to cook for the food.
  3. If your house is too small for letting the party to be held there, then you can choose and find some cheap hotels or inns or even pension houses. You choose also a small number of guests so that you need not to worry about the spaces and fees for the rental.
  4. There are some public beaches in your area that you could pay and rent even for just few hours. It will give you a very good background and wonderful place to have your wedding. You can do the wedding and reception here. You can reach out the party bus denver co for rental services of their vehicles.
  5. If you want everything to be instant and fast, you have the option now to have it a less expensive restaurant as they can offer you some package deals that will suit to your budget. At least you don’t need to work out about thinking what food you are going to prepare and who will cook and buy the ingredients. If the restaurant in your area is a bit costly, then having it in a fast food chain is also good. They always have choices that you can choose and afford according to your budget.
  6. A wedding in a garden could be a good match to a couple. It would save time and effort when it comes the venue as you can have there your exchange of yes and I do and at the same time after the ceremony you can have immediately the program for the reception of your wedding.