Home-based repair solutions from concrete piers to high density polyurethane foam are available. Maintenance options for the foundation vary greatly depending on the geographic area of the site and the repair criteria. The primary foundation repair process used concrete until the end of the seventies. Below is a compilation of some of today’s popular methods of foundation fixes. 

1. Steel Piers  

The invention of steel piers revolutionized the method of rebuilding foundations. Steel piers take less time than traditional concrete piers, and it disrupts less vegetation. Steel piers have advanced, making the building more technical and more data-driven. 

2. Helical piers  

Helical piers do a good job of repairing the external base and patching the internal slab. Helical piers are useful for new installations and repairs. Light-filled areas are great matches for helical piers, including porch columns and vinyl-sided structures. Up to this day, the most powerful and underused pier is the helical pier. 

3. Concrete piers  

For pre-construction construction, concrete pier base repair companies typically use poured-in concrete piers. However, things can change for repair use. Until the invention of the hydraulic steel bridge, this was the most popular repair process. 

Concrete piers provide a permanent way of restoring the foundation, but some disadvantages remain. The cost and difficulty of drilling rigs in residential yards is less than ideal, and the foundation repair contractors must dig a lot of dirt out of the holes of the piers, making cleaning very difficult. For these reasons, concrete piers are the most expensive way to repair the foundation. 

4. High-density polyurethane foam  

This repair process simplifies high-density polyurethane foam repair. Foundation repair technicians inject foam into the checkerboard system of the affected area, about six feet in the middle. Due to the price of repair and the speed it offers, high-density polyurethane has become a real market-driven product.  

However, as HVAC ducts pass through the floor, customers must be wary of penetrating and clogging them. In order to ensure that there are no leaks in the supply or drain lines, plumbing checks prior to injection of foam are also required. 

5. Segmented piers  

This repair option is relatively new. Segmented piers are market-driven commodities for the rebuilding of foundations, and their only benefit is a low price. Even so, there are many technicians who are considering this repair method today.  

6. Place piers  

This foundation repair method is lined with rough, shallow, hand-drawn piers. They provide a great opportunity to repair foundations in light-filled areas such as porches. The use of this repair method is dependent on the type of damage the foundation has.  

The repair process for a foundation will depend on a lot of factors, but mainly, it’s the repair contractors who know how and what to do with it. It is best that you consult with the experts if you suspect any damage to your foundation. They’ll inspect the problem and provide recommendations. Do seek the experts in foundation repair Colorado Springs if you need help to get the problem solved immediately.