The Asheville Painter understands that every home is unique and is special to you and the entire family. If you are thinking about having a new paint to your interior, choose a paint color that will highlight the uniqueness of your home and your most personal space for there are hard and fast of do’s and don’ts in the interior design world making the best option sometimes is just to follow the crowd because it is the safest. But in painting your home, you can experiment with less conventional colors even if you have safer and popular paint colors available like white and blue and other neutrals. Sometimes we have to give chance to underdog colors and highlight these four underrated asheville interior painting colors that might look great in your home. 


Purple could be polarizing and people might either hate it or love it but purple being eccentric is something everyone will agree. Purple is a flexible whether you want it on a small project or maybe painting the entire room. This color can also be used in variety of different ways in all types of room depending on its shade. If you feel that you are not in the mood and like to paint your bedroom blue, consider first a moody purple or violet. It will have the same soothing effect as blue because it is also deep without being dark and if you have a large room with lots of natural light, a light shade of purple or a lavender maybe a refreshing and a unique choice in using to paint the entire wall. However, if you use this color in your home, you will be part of the few brave homeowners who also use purple in the interior painting. 


Yellow is happy and is adaptable in interior painting, yellow can be bold but not overpowering, it is light but not boring and no matter what shade you chose, yellow will always set a cheerful and happy tone in every room used with it. Yellow is also great if you want to add splash of color into the room without having a huge painting project. Deep yellow would be a great option for that and for sure your home would become a cheerful and welcoming. 


This one is seriously underrated when it comes to interior painting. Green is considered as blue’s little brother so if you plan on having a tranquil feeling of blue, considers painting it green for a more unique interior. Green is also a soothing and healing color that makes it a great choice if you want to feel peaceful. Lighter shade of green creates more traditional mood or if you want an eccentric or bold mood, use darker shade. 


Orange always receive a bad rap as being obnoxious. But thinking calmer, deeper orange like a burnt orange will probably make a home look great. Consider this color if you have plan repainting your home. Burnt orange is a welcoming color but not being too stimulating. This color is great for your room if you want your guest to feel cozy and welcomed.